Home Buyers Rank Their Top Kitchen and Bath Features

Home Buyers Rank Their Top Kitchen and Bath Features

New buyers have a variety of choices when it comes to modern home design. Two areas in the home, kitchens, and baths, generally attract the most attention. While styles, sizes, and décor can vary, there are certain key features home buyers want in kitchens and baths. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently surveyed prospective and recent home buyers and found that the most desired kitchen and bath features provide flexibility and comfort.    

Most Desired Kitchen Features

During the pandemic, many individuals spent less time entertaining in the kitchen and more time devoted to actual cooking. With a variety of kitchen gadgets and cooking ingredients, it’s no surprise that double sinks and pantries stood out as “must-have” items in the kitchen. In fact, more than four of every 10 buyers think the double sink is so essential they would be unlikely to buy a home without it.

The survey also revealed buyers’ preferences for more space to accommodate time spent preparing and enjoying meals. The survey results showed that more than 70% of buyers wanted a table space for eating (78%); a central island (77%) and drinking water filtration (76%). 

The survey results also revealed that buyers would like both practical and customizable features in a kitchen. More than two-thirds of all buyers said they wanted recessed lighting (69%), a customized backsplash (69%), and pull-out shelves (68%).

Most Wanted Bathroom Features 

The four most-wanted bathroom features are all related to the home’s primary bath. At the very top of the list: a linen closet in the primary bath, rated as essential or desirable by 76% of home buyers. Other features that were among the most desired in the primary bathroom were a shower stall and a tub (74%) and a double vanity (69%).  

The shower and tub combination in the primary bath ranked as the most “essential” feature, with more than a third (36%) of buyers stating they would be unlikely to purchase a home without this feature.

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