Hiring and Working with a Builder Remotely

Hiring and Working with a Builder Remotely

Home has taken on a new meaning for many Americans since the start of the pandemic. If you’re thinking about building a new home on a lot away from your current location, a professional builder will be able to accommodate your needs remotely. We’re here to answer question about hiring and working with a builder remotely. Building a home in a different area may be daunting. However, there are certain steps you can take, such as hiring a qualified professional and establishing communication channels up front, to help your project stay relatively hassle-free.


Hire a Professional Builder

Seeking out a home builder that will meet your expectations involves targeted research and asking the right questions. The Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders can connect you with a directory of builders. Experts recommend securing at least three names to give you options. When you connect with your prospective builders, ask for references from recent buyers. A professional builder will be able to provide you with names and contact information of customers.


Secure the Details

An experienced builder will provide you with a clear contract, scope of work and timeline of your project. Before signing a contract, talk to your builder about all the costs associated with your project such as labor and other expenses. A professional builder will be able to provide you with the steps to building your new home.


Set up a Communication Schedule

Work with your builder to determine how often you’ll receive updates on your project and let your builder know the best way to reach you for questions. Beyond phone calls or text messages, there are many different types of video conference web-based programs like Zoom or Skype that will allow you to virtually meet face-to-face. Your builder will likely share digital assets like photos or 3D renderings, through file hosting services like Dropbox to help you visualize your project.


Plan Your Site Visits

If possible, you should visit the building site at least once a month to view the progress on your home. Monthly site visits are recommended but not required if your schedule doesn’t allow. If you’re unable to visit monthly, talk to your builder about setting up visits during critical portions of your project timeline to avoid any misunderstandings before you move in.


Be Patient

There are various issues that arise that may put a temporary pause on your project, such as bad weather or unexpected delays. This can happen on any job site, nearby or from afar. It is important to talk to your builder about the delays to avoid any unnecessary stress. A qualified builder has the experience to troubleshoot issues and propose recommendations without sacrificing the quality of your final project.


We hope this helped you figure out if hiring and working with a builder remotely is for you. For more information on home building and buying, contact our local Resource page or contact Stephanie Stipins. Need more tips? Check out this article if you’re interested in working remotely with a Contractor to build your dream home.


Justin Green 

President, Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders